Internship Bootcamp Course

Type of Course

Comprehensive Course

Faculty Type



4 Days

Terminal Objective

At the end of the Bootcamp

  1.  Students will be up and running to take on the everyday challenges of Internship.
  2.  Students can leave their colleges as prodigious clinicians with far superior communication and practical clinical skills.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop Highlights

  1. Hands-on with high-fidelity manikins
  2. Multidisciplinary skills and knowledge
  3. Domain experienced faculty

Course suitable for Interns & MBBS Final Year Students

About the Program

Safercare is proud to present  “The Internship Bootcamp”- one of its kind four days comprehensive simulation and skills-based workshop catered for MBBS  students and interns looking to make the best of their internship experience. 

The Internship Bootcamp is a curated workshop with its core content based on the fundamentals of simulation training.

For the uninitiated, one might wonder what is a simulation? Healthcare Simulation is the modern way to educate and train healthcare professionals to master cognitive, technical, and behavioral skill sets through technologically advanced crafted experiences. Medical simulation is the experiential learning every healthcare professional will need, but cannot always engage in during real-life patient care. During fully immersive medical simulation learners enter into a realistic healthcare setting where a high-fidelity manikin is by both educational and simulation technical staff and are later  "debriefed" , which is the process of facilitated or guided reflection in the cycle of learning.

Feedback Videos

Key Topics

Systematic approach
Airway management
Cardiac arrest
Team dynamics
Mega code
Basic Suturing skills
Simulation-based scenarios
ATLS approach to
Head injury
Foley’s catheterization
Ryle's tube insertion
Hand wash techniques
Basic Suturing skills
Acute Coronary Syndrome
OSCE skills
MLC documentation
Obstetrics emergencies
Injection techniques
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