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Safercare Simulation Lab

Simulation is an imitation of a real-life condition and a delivery mechanism for the purpose of training. It is especially useful in areas where the lives of people are involved, such as aviation and medicine. Research has shown that simulation-based training can improve lifesaving and resuscitation skills, teamwork, and address concerns about patient safety by reducing clinical errors. Simulation is the future of medical education for improved healthcare delivery in India and the vast underserved regions across the world.

In modern healthcare, simulation is used for education, research, and systems integration, as well as for enhancing patient quality and safety. The simulation technique offers unmatched opportunities by offering medical professionals the unique advantage of practising patient related procedures till perfection is attained. Simulation based training can improve the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals — doctors, nurses and paramedics as well as train the general population in handling medical emergencies.

The Safercare Simulation Lab is a state-of-the-art facility, spread over 16,000 sq feet in the heart of Hyderabad, India. We are collaborating with world leaders in simulation and medical education like Laerdal of Norway, Alfred Health – Monash University in Australia, Global Health Alliance, UK, and others. Safercare’s experienced and dedicated faculty deliver high quality training, while facilitating research through simulation.

Imparting education through advanced simulated manikins is an initiative delivered through Safercare. Short term courses of two days to a week for nurses and doctors in key competencies such as emergency, critical care and cardiology are being held, besides long term courses in subjects like geriatric care nursing.

Safercare is one of the wings of the Care Institute of Health Sciences (CIHS), which is primarily Involved in the skilling of healthcare workers across the country in partnership with corporates and State Governments, as also training of doctors and nurses in a simulated environment. The other wing of CIHS focuses on community care, offering home health care and conducting preventive and management programs for non-communicable diseases.

All the courses offered by Safercare are certified by Laerdal (Norway), which has designated
CIHS as a Centre of Excellence.