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Customization & Co-Creation

The content and delivery for all training at Safercare is customized as per the needs of the participant, determined through a detailed training needs analysis. The co-creation of pedagogy, with all key stakeholders, lends itself to improved ownership and enhanced learning outcomes.


Understanding your needs

Our team of experts perform a training need analysis with inputs and discussions with the client. You can choose from our comprehensive range of standardized, custom-built courses. These are categorized as skill based, scenario based or comprehensive courses. We can also create customized courses based on individual needs and learning objectives.

Planning a course

To begin with, the course objectives are defined and the Safercare team suggests the best methodology and content for training, in order to achieve the same. Thereafter, the logistics based on the number of students, duration and location are worked out.

Conducting the course

The participants are briefed on the course objectives. The course comprises of theory, demonstration and individual hands-on simulation training. The entire course is extremely interactive and participants are encouraged to raise questions or clear doubts at any time. Debriefing is an integral part of the simulation technique.

Debriefing and certification

The participants are evaluated by experts and debriefed on their performance with a feedback for improvement, if required. They are awarded a certificate after successful completion of the course.